Emotional Embuffination

Emotional Embuffination, the book, creates a comprehensive outline and guide on principles that will help you overcome conflict, master your emotions, and start improving your life right away. Learn more here.

Emotional Embuffination the Book

My Reality Generator

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My Reality Generator is a journal designed to help you retrain your mindset so that you can set yourself up for success and happiness in life. Learn more or order here.

Manifest Jungle

Manifest Jungle is a fictional novella about a man who finds himself thrust into a terrifying world filled with creatures that affix to people’s necks and coerce them into taking sometimes violent action. In this world, the protagonist learns about various ways to deal with life. It’s filled with symbolism relevant to our lives and the way people manage their experiences in this world. Learn more here.

Manifest Jungle

Finding the Door

Finding the Door  is a sequel to the Manifest Jungle. Like the first book, it is a fictional novella. It’s about a woman, a counselor, who finds herself trapped in the same terrifying world a former client described. She learns valuable lessons there about empowerment, guilt, and how to get out of the prison guilt can create as well as how to deal with different personality types.

Finding the Door

Success the Cat – Saving the Spy School From Depression Dog

Success the Cat was created by Lily Enevoldsen. He’s a cat who learns life lessons by hiking mountains and contemplating how to be successful.

In this children’s book, Success and his buddy Perseverance have just started spy school when they’re suddenly faced with an attack from Depression Dog and his army of Failure Ninjas. As you read through the book you’re presented with different choices that result in 11 possible endings to the story. Each one has a moral you can use in your own life.

Learn more about Success the Cat HERE.