Emotional Embuffination Podcast

Audios that Make You Emotionally Buff Enough to Overcome Any Conflict

The Emotional Embuffination podcast covers various topics related to Emotional Embuffination. It's an exploration of different perspectives on how to overcome conflict, manage emotions, and utilize principles of the Law of Attraction. The show is hosted by David Enevoldsen and comes out on Thursdays.

Links to pages with transcripts and audios of each episode are below. The podcast is also available on the following platforms:

 YouTube, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Podcast Index, Amazon Music/Audible, iHeartRadio, TuneIn and Alexa, Podcast Addict, Podchaser, Pocket Casts, Deezer, Listen Notes, or Player FM.


EPISODE 1: Introduction to Emotional Embuffination

EPISODE 2: Rejecting Victimhood

EPISODE 3: Emotions in Family Law Mediation with Michael Aurit

EPISODE 4: Does Christianity Reject the Law of Attraction with Donald Enevoldsen

EPISODE 5: Eliminating Chaos in Your Life with the Drama Triangle

EPISODE 6: Managing Your Self-Talk

EPISODE 7: Jiu-Jitsu and Emotional Management with Jon Wagner

EPISODE 8: Learning from Your Fear Responses

EPISODE 9: Tapping Into Gender Energies 

EPISODE 10: Problems in Behavioral Health with Eric Isaacsen

EPISODE 11: Law of Attraction Basics

EPISODE 12: Action and the Law of Attraction

EPISODE 13: Dealing With Parental Alienation

EPISODE 14: Stop Fighting With Facts

EPISODE 15: Using No Judgment and Just Love to Find Happiness with ShaRon Rea

EPISODE 16: Fulfillment Through Proper Mindset with Serban Mare

EPISODE 17: Q and A on Sleep, Romance and the Law of Attraction, and Meditation


EPISODE 18: The 3-Step Secret to Resolving Conflict in Relationships

EPISODE 19: Will Smith and Chris Rock - A Case Study Using the OUR Method

EPISODE 20: The Big 5 Personality Aspects Scale

EPISODE 21: Self-Love and Dealing with Difficult Emotions with Benjy Sherer

EPISODE 22: Overcoming Processed Food Addiction with Joan Ifland

EPISODE 23: Toxic Masculinity

EPISODE 24: Pornography Addiction with Joshua Shea

EPISODE 25: Stop Watching the News!

EPISODE 26: Everything Is More Complicated Than You Think

EPISODE 27: Escaping a Cult with Peter Young

EPISODE 28: You Need More 'Tude--Gratitude

EPISODE 29: Q and A re Arrogance and Confidence, Reasons for Emotion, and Daily Journaling


EPISODE 30: Kevin Costner and Christine Baumgartner - A Case Study Using the OUR Method

EPISODE 31: The Compromise Spectrum 

EPISODE 32: The Drama Continuum

EPISODE 33: Empowerment of First Responder Spouses with Jenna Griffith

EPISODE 34: Emotions in Real Estate Negotiations with Kevin Stark

EPISODE 35: Maintaining Motivation and Positive Mindset with Terry Tucker

EPISODE 36: The Importance of Sleep with Kali Patrick

EPISODE 37: Understanding the Law of Attraction with Victoria Gallagher

EPISODE 38: Are You Hiding From the Darkness

EPISODE 39: Q and A re Nagging and Taking Advantage of Good People


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