David Enevoldsen

    Hi there. My name is David Enevoldsen. Several years ago I hit a real low point in my life. I got suicidal. After a lot of focus on self-improvement, visits to counselors, psychiatrists, and a lot of reading on psychology, I got a lot better. Since that time, I've been on a mission to live a happier life. I want to do this even when the world feels like it's turning upside down. I've learned quite a few things on this journey. I want to continue learning. And I want you to live a happy life too.

    Please join me on this adventure in making the world feel like an amazing place, no matter what crazy stuff is going on out there. Let's become emotionally fit together. Let's get emotionally embuffed. That's what this site and Emotional Embuffination are all about.

    What is Emotional Embuffination?

    Emotional Embuffination is the product of me at my worst. After hitting a suicidal low point, I either had to come out of it or die. I eventually realized my fate was a function of my mindset. In my work as a divorce attorney I saw people making many of the same mistakes I had. I then combined the knowledge I gained getting a degree in psychology with what I was seeing and began to focus on how to become emotionally stronger (emotionally buff). I call this process of becoming emotionally stronger, "emotional embuffination." Being emotionally embuffed will help you to overcome any conflict in your life. It's helped me to live a happier and more fulfilling life and it can help you too.

    Emotional Embuffination Book!

    Emotional Embuffination the BookEmotional Embuffination, the book, is a comprehensive look at how to deal with conflict and make yourself emotionally fit! You can order in print or as an e-book. Coming soon to Audible. Click here to learn more.

    To learn more about the origins of Emotional Embuffination or what it's about, watch the video below and/or check out the About Page.

    Where Do I Start?

    Unsure of where to start? There's so much self-improvement information out there it can feel really overwhelming if you don't have a roadmap. If you don't know how to approach your journey of emotional embuffination, start here.  




    Are you meditating? Meditation is a scientifically proven method to help gain calmness, acquire greater focus, and line you up for success in all aspects of life. It's a critical addition to your Emotional Embuffination toolbox. Learn more about ways to meditate here.

    Write Your Letter to Future You!

    Want a free downloadable template to write a letter to yourself in the future? You can use it to help you set goals, define who and what you want to be, and give yourself a cool reminder of how things were in the past. Click here to learn more.

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    The checklist helps you to diagnose what could be working better on days when you're struggling. This will help you get into the optimal mental state, which in turn will put you in a position to deal with any kind of struggle you face. Watch the video below to learn more.

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    Learning to be emotionally embuffed for your children is critically important. It not only teaches them to deal with their emotions but is also important for your own sanity and well-being as a parent.

    Emotional embuffination is important in reducing conflict and preserving a relationship you're in. It's also critical in reducing or eliminating conflict with an ex--especially if you have kids together.

    Emotional embuffination is imperative in identifying and overcoming the limiting beliefs that hold you back from success and abundance. By applying the right mindset you can get the things you want in life.