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Author, Speaker, and Creator of Emotional Embuffination and I’m

Making You Emotionally Buff Enough to Overcome Any Conflict In Life

You’ve done all the right things, worked your ass off, and tried really hard to get ahead in life. You’ve listened to all the advice and did everything possible to prevail, and whether or not you “succeeded,” you’re simply not happy. Everything is frustrating. Every day is a struggle and you’re tired of being tired.

You’re just barely staving off:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety.
  • Divorce.
  • Being broke.
  • Going nuts on the irritating coworkers.

My mission is to let you know it doesn’t have to be like this. Learning to overcome the challenges while remaining as happy as possible is what Emotional Embuffination is about.


Learn how to be more emotionally embuffed through such things as reading, listening to podcasts, games, and more.


Read about how to overcome problems in life and maximize happiness.


Playing is part of optimizing positive emotion. Use games to do exactly that.


Recruit David to speak at or give a presentation at your event.


Listen to important conversations about how to overcome conflict and live the best life possible.

What Is Emotional Embuffination?

Emotional Embuffination is the process of becoming emotionally strong (buff) enough to overcome any conflict in life while maximizing positive feelings. It’s a merger of my experience in over a decade of work as a divorce attorney, principles of psychology, personal experiences, and some concepts from the Law of Attraction.

Who Is Emotional Embuffination For?

The principles of Emotional Embuffination are useful to anyone dealing with any kind of conflict or who wants to just feel better. It’s especially useful for those wanting to deal with such things as relationship problems, divorces, parenting issues, depression, anxiety, wanting to be more successful, and much more.


What Are the Elements of Emotional Embuffination?

Emotional Embuffination derives from several different sources. Those sources combine together to create a comprehensive system to overcome problems and live your best life possible.

1. Family Law Attorney Experience.

After more than a decade of working on divorces and child custody fights I learned innumerable lessons on what makes us feel better or not amidst conflict. Those experiences became a part of Emotional Embuffination.

2. Principles of Modern Psychology.

Modern psychology offers an ever-growing body of understanding regarding how we work and what makes us happy (or miserable). I obtained my undergraduate degree in psychology and continue to read about it all the time. That background has also become a part of Emotional Embuffination.

3. Personal Experiences as a Divorced Parent.

Emotional Embuffination is not just theoretical knowledge. I’ve applied it in my life. Not only did I employ different strategies while working with people as an attorney, but I’ve also gone through my own divorce and have kids of my own. I’ve seen, first hand, the usefulness and applicability of the concepts of Emotional Embuffination.

4. The Law of Attraction.

Principles of the Law of Attraction have become an inextricable part of Emotional Embuffination. The Law of Attraction is very oriented to positive feelings and making your life the positive experience you want it to be. These goals line up perfectly with Emotional Embuffination’s mission.

5. Enjoying Life.

In our efforts to optimize positive emotion, it’s important to remember to actually do fun things and stuff that makes you feel good (in addition to managing conflict). As such, doing things you enjoy like playing games, hiking, engaging in sports, etc. can make a massive difference in your life and are also a part of Emotional Embuffination.


About Me

My name is David Enevoldsen and I’m the creator of Emotional Embuffination.

Several years ago I hit a real low point in my life. Everything felt like it was falling apart. I thought about suicide all the time. It got really bad.

I hit a turning point. It pushed me into a lot of focus on self-improvement, visits to counselors, psychiatrists, and reading about psychology. The consequence was that I got a lot better. Since that time, I’ve been on a mission to live a happier life. I want to do this even when the world feels like it’s turning upside down. The journey has taught me a few things that have immensely helped me and I want to continue learning more. And now I really want you to live your best life too.

Please join me in making the world feel like an amazing place, no matter what crazy stuff is going on out there. Let’s become emotionally fit together. In other words, let’s get emotionally embuffed. That’s what this site and Emotional Embuffination are all about.

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