What Is Emotional Embuffination?

Emotional embuffination is the process of making you emotionally buff. It’s done through the application of modern research in psychology and emotional empowerment resulting in an ability to easily deal with struggles and conflict in your life. It also incorporates concepts related to the law of attraction.

The principles of emotional embuffination are applicable to any kind of conflict, from an argument with your children, to political disputes, to physical fights over life and death. It’s also applicable to internal conflict and the problems that you may be subconsciously creating in your own life. You can learn to uncover and wipe out the limitations you place in your own path.

Emotional embuffination is much like working out at the gym. You don’t go to the gym one time, do a few sets at the bench press and think you’re strong forever. You go repeatedly and keep getting stronger. Emotions are the same. You keep working on your emotional state and over time you become more fit. As you grow, you can deal with more and more difficult forms of conflict with ease.

The purpose of this site is to offer resources, tips, tricks, and advice on how to become emotionally stronger and to join in a journey to do the same. It will help you to explore the psychology that creates conflict. Ultimately, it’s designed to help you live a happier life in which the fights you run into seem like they’re simply no big deal. You may currently be saying, “the struggle is real.” But soon things will be so easy you’ll be saying, “what struggle?

Who’s Behind Emotional Embuffination?

Emotional Embuffination is run by Thoughts of Abundance, LLC, an Arizona limited liability company.

Owner/Founder – David Enevoldsen

Emotional Embuffination was founded and is run by David Enevoldsen. The company is the result of a combination of things, starting with David’s struggle out of suicidal depression, studying psychology during his undergraduate degree and working as a divorce attorney. He also has Neurolinguistic Programming Practioner and Master Practitioner certificates, a certificate in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and a Life Coaching certificate.

David has two children and has been through a divorce himself. He continues to study psychology informally and strives to keep learning about conflict and psychology to improve both his own life and to develop materials to help others better theirs.

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