My Reality Generator

Manifest the Life You Really Want

My Reality Generator helps unlock the secrets to crafting a life filled with the things you desire. It’s an interactive journal that retrains your mindset to line you up for success and happiness and helps you to define what that means.

There are 120 daily instructional prompts (although the journal does not need to be done every day). The prompts explain how to work through various law of attraction and goal-accomplishment principles.

Each prompt is a little different, so you aren’t getting a ton of days of just the exact same thing, as you find with many guided journals. Daily exercises include a section to free-write about your day and another section with guided prompts to train your thinking to manifest positive things in your life. Each day also comes with a quote tailored to make you think about the principles addressed in the day and a reminder of basic principles outlined at the beginning of the journal and elaborated on throughout.

There’s also a section in the back of the journal to help you on unusually difficult days.


It’s a beautifully wonderful journal with this hard blue cover and the pages inside are beautiful. . . He has prompts in there that spark what I need to write for the day sometimes or make me think about what happened yesterday that I can reflect on today or what I want to have happen today that I can reflect on today. It’s well put together. It’s a beautiful book. . . I endorse it and I recommend it.


I was able to have the wonderful joy of having My Reality Generator. . . I had never journaled before. . . Much of it is about expressing gratitude. One of the hardest things to do when you’re in a situation of turmoil is to think of the reasons why you’re thankful or grateful for anything. And that’s what the journal is all about.


I have never been much of a journaler. At the end of the day I prefer to just talk it out with my wife. After ten minutes I’m done. After some thought and self reflection, however, I decided to take the “deep dive” into Journaling. My Reality Generator makes it very easy to record my thoughts. This is a huge step for me. The prompts really help focus my thoughts, aka, develop clarity. By writing my thoughts after taking a moment for clarity has helped. In fact I look forward to writing in my journal every chance I can. David, you have an amazing, life changing resource available to others with My Reality Generator. Thank you!


It’s really a great journal. One thing I noticed right off the bat was that it addresses a lot of the core values that I’ve always held dear in my life. It has provided me a method to use those core values in my day-to-day activities, which has brought about really great interactions with my family members as well as my co-workers and friends. This journal has provided hope and solid confirmation on so many levels. It really is impressive.


Principles That Catapult You to Success!

Major principles relied on in this journal include:

  • Expressing gratitude is critically important to getting the things you want.
  • Express desires as affirmative statements.
  • Treat yourself with respect.
  • Believe you’ve already acquired what you want.
  • Believe that you’ve already accomplished the things you want to accomplish.
  • Using a mantra or statement of your beliefs can help you to focus your thoughts and actions to acquire what you want in life.
  • Truly believing you can have the things you want to have is important in getting them.
  • Imbuing emotion in your journaling is critical.
  • Embrace full responsibility for what happens in your life.
  • Surround yourself with people and things that support what you want. Minimize people and things that have a negative influence on you.
  • Take action to give the universe the materials it needs to manifest your desires.
  • You should cooperate with those with whom you’re in conflict.
  • Be persistent in your thoughts and actions towards what you seek in life.
  • Adversity creates opportunity and a chance to grow.
  • Your mindset greatly influences the intensity of your own suffering.
  • Take care of your body through sleep, nutrition, and exercise and you’ll feel way better.
  • Engage in kindness without expectation of return.