Manifest Jungle

Manifest JungleJohn goes to bed in his little apartment like he does every night. He awakens to a strange world of parasitic, mind-controlling creatures, with no idea how he arrived or how to return to the normal world. After arriving, John meets Megan. In the immediate disorientation of their new environment, John and Megan are thrown together in a quest for safety, security, and purpose.

Their differences in experiences and perspective threaten to sabotage their efforts as they face off with frightening challenges. Each learns to deal with danger in unique ways. John and Megan must confront fears, address conflict, and learn about the consequences of their approaches.

This is a story laden with symbolism relevant to the way we all deal with conflict and the struggles of life. More importantly, it offers a way to thrive and overcome.

Manifest Jungle is a fictional look into the psychology underlying how we can and should deal with life and the problems life brings.

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