Finding the Door

Finding the DoorCould this be the Manifest Jungle Sarah heard about from her counseling client? Until now, she dismissed the wild claims as hallucination. But awakening at the bottom of a pit with no idea how she got there or how to get out brings the shocking realization her client’s ravings just might be true.

In Finding the Door, the sequel to Manifest Jungle, Sarah is forced to acknowledge how her thoughts and actions shape her life. But the line between responsibility and blame is thin and she must discover how to effectively use this understanding to find the door out before she is forever lost to a prison known as the “Causation Pit.”

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Can You Find All the Symbols?

The dominant theme of Finding the Door deals with the contrast between guilt and learning from your mistakes. However, the book is also absolutely packed with symbolism about a wide range of other topics centered on Emotional Embuffination. Half the fun of Finding the Door is finding and correctly interpreting the significance of all the themes.

The book deals with the following issues:

  • Victimhood,
  • Persecutor mindset,
  • Rescuer mindset,
  • Drama in interpersonal relationships,
  • Changing your circumstances when you're in a rut,
  • Emotional abuse,
  • Using dreams to resolve problems in life,
  • Dealing with pain,
  • Dealing with those so injured they want only to hurt others,
  • The power and impact of self-talk,
  • Meditation, and
  • Much more.