You’re Not Broken

You’re Not Broken.

Things may feel like bad right now. But it’s not because you’re damaged.

You’re Not Broken.

You can hurt. A lot. But that doesn’t mean it’s some defect in you.

You’re Not Broken.

You faced rejection. But that means you weren’t a good fit for someone who was in their own pain. You deserve more.

You’re Not Broken.

It may be hard to manage hurt. That difficulty may manifest more hurt. But that’s just about dealing with your pain. It’s not because you don’t have value.

You’re Not Broken.

You might feel alone, abandoned, thrown away. That only says something about those who hurt you. It means they hurt too. But it doesn’t mean you don’t matter or something is inherently wrong with you.

You Matter.

We’ve all made poor choices. Pain finds its way to everyone. But tomorrow is a new day and a new chance to move toward happiness.

You Deserve Happiness.

Self-hatred and insecurity are self-fulfilling prophecies. Until you recognize you deserve happiness as much as anyone else, you’ll hurt. You deserve better.

You Are Whole.

You are complete as you are. Recognizing it will bring you happiness. Suffering starts with the belief you are not.

Embrace Your Worth.

Your worthlessness is a lie. It’s a deception leaving you in pain. Recognize the truth of your value. Embrace your importance.

You Are Beautiful.

You are the reflection of godly image. Your existence pinnacles earthly evolution. Every breath is a precious gift supporting your being. A few cracks in your shell only create more distinctiveness. No matter what’s happened, you must have value.

Claim Your Happiness.

One small step will bring happiness closer, and distance pain. Take it. Then take another. And then one more.

What’s Your First Step?

Survive today if you need to. But take that step. It may hurt now, but by taking it you’ll soon come to understand:

You’re Not Broken.

By denevoldsen

David has spent years studying emotions and conflict in his practice as a family law attorney, while obtaining his bachelors degree in psychology, and through his own personal life struggles. He's on a continuing journey to better understand how to use emotions to make life a wonderful thing for everyone.

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