There’s been an enormous amount of anger at 2020. The result has been innumerable vitriolic memes, despair, and upset.

However, one of the major themes of Emotional Embuffination is to redirect focus from what we don’t like to what we do. It’s not about ignoring problems, but about depriving those problems of the power they hold over your emotions. Simultaneously we resolve what we’re unhappy about. By doing this, we will feel much better and get things done.

Accordingly, I’ve decided to list some good things that have happened in 2020. I’d love to add more. If you have anything you can think of, send me a message or email and I can add it in.

  • Traffic has been great! – So many people have been staying at home that the result has either been a really painless commute or (if you’re at home) no commute at all. (David Enevoldsen)
  • First private company sent people to space! – In May SpaceX sent the Endeavour to the International Space Station. (David Enevoldsen)
  • Everyone is rethinking the way business is done! – Many business are allowing meetings and conferences by video conferencing. In many instances (including my own) this has streamlined systems, eliminated travel time and expense, and simply made work easier. (David Enevoldsen)
  • HIV naturally cured! – Loreen Willenberg naturally wiped out HIV from her body and got famous for it in 2020. (David Enevoldsen)
  • I published my book!Emotional Embuffination, the book, got published in 2020. It’s all about how to manage emotions, deal with conflict, and live the best life possible. (David Enevoldsen)
  • I got lots of meditation in – Working from home made it easier to meditate. Meditating left me feeling better all the time. (David Enevoldsen)

What good stuff has happened to you this year? Let me know so I can add it to the list. Submit as many as you’d like.

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