Keep It In the Yellow (Embrace Discomfort)

In this video we look at the idea of “keeping it in the yellow,” or pushing yourself just out of your comfort zone in a constructive way so that you continually grow. If you push into the red, or push so far beyond your comfort zone that you can’t handle what’s going on, you will feel overwhelmed. If you don’t push out of your comfort zone at all (or keep it in the green) you’ll be stagnant and simply won’t grow.

By pushing into the yellow, you’ll ensure that you’re always moving forward. Eventually the things that seemed to be in the red for you in the past will be easy.

By denevoldsen

David has spent years studying emotions and conflict in his practice as a family law attorney, while obtaining his bachelors degree in psychology, and through his own personal life struggles. He's on a continuing journey to better understand how to use emotions to make life a wonderful thing for everyone.