Should You Leave a Tip At Fast Food Restaurants?

This video looks at whether or not you should leave a tip when you visit a fast food restaurant. Is tipping at these places necessary when the cashiers aren’t really doing anything additional for you? Is this just a way for employers to find a way to pay their employees less and pass the cost on to the consumer? Or is there some implication on YOU related to tipping?

As more fully explored in the video, I believe you should leave a tip not because of anything related to the economy, but because doing so helps you foster a mindset of abundance and giving which will in turn come back to you.

By denevoldsen

David has spent years studying emotions and conflict in his practice as a family law attorney, while obtaining his bachelors degree in psychology, and through his own personal life struggles. He's on a continuing journey to better understand how to use emotions to make life a wonderful thing for everyone.