Review Contest

Just leave a review of either an Emotional Embuffination book or the podcast and be entered to win!

1: Submit a Review

Leave a review of either the Emotional Embuffination podcast or one of the Emotional Embuffination books. the review can be left on your favorite podcast directory (for the podcast) or on Amazon (for any of the books).

It's your choice. Choose either a book or the podcast (or both if you feel extra giving). Obviously I'd prefer nice/5 star reviews, but I'm only asking for honesty.


You can learn more about the podcast HERE.

The link to Emotional Embuffination on Apple Podcasts is HERE.


The books include (links below have descriptions and links to the books on Amazon):

2: Send a Screenshot

Once you've left a review, take a screenshot of it. Use your phone or a screen capture software. If you're on windows, you can also press the windows key and the "prt sc" button at the same time then paste (ctrl+v buttons) into your email.

Send an email with the screenshot to Include the subject heading, "Review Contest." Alternatively, you can send something to the Emotional Embuffination pages through Facebook or Instagram through their respective messengers.

Make sure to use or include an email or other contact information you can be reached at.

3: Be Entered to Win

Once you've submitted your review, you'll be entered to win a free book (or journal) from the Emotional Embuffination list (see the books in step 1 above) or a free 1 hour coaching session by Zoom. Winners will be selected on September 5, 2023 and contacted shortly thereafter.