Abundance and Embuffination

One of the underlying beliefs about Emotional Embuffination is that right thinking results in an elimination of the conflict in your life. But the same essential thought principles that eliminate conflict also help to create abundance. In other words, if you can understand how to wipe out the conflict in your life, you can also draw wealth and happiness into your life.


One of the important ways to begin aligning yourself and the world around you to make yourself feel better and in turn start manifesting abundance is journaling. Writing down what you think and what you feel about what's going on in your life can help you to work through troubling issues. Logging your goals and becoming clear on the way to accomplish them is also important. Some important tips regarding journaling about your goals include:

  • Writing about things you are grateful for.
  • Expressing statements about your life as affirmatives (e.g., Instead of saying, "I won't be sick anymore," say, "I am healthy." It takes focus away from the negative state of mind and brings it to a positive one.)
  • Write about things you want as though you've already acquired them.
  • Imbue your journaling with emotion.
  • Infuse gratitude into your journaling.

In many ways journaling is like going to the gym. You need to make it a regular part of your routine to start realizing benefits in your life. But if you do it on a consistent basis, it'll become one important element in your road to success.

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Another important way of focusing your mind, solving financial problems, and focusing your energy on accomplishing what you need to do to become successful is meditation. To learn more about meditation, click here.